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Are You Growing Change Agents in Your Organization?

There’s a great cartoon that says ‘Who wants change?’ and everyone wildly waves their hands in the air. The next question is …

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13 Questions to Help You Prep for Difficult Conversations

I don’t know many people who relish delivering bad news or confronting someone. It’s certainly not my favorite thing to do! However, …

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Leading With Intent

The choices you make define what kind of leader you are and define your ability to create substantial change over time. Leaders who lead with …

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Avoid Becoming the Next Case Study

“Too much inside out thinking, instead of outside in thinking” is one point of view. Emphasis on operational excellence to the exclusion …

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Why Every Organization Needs Strong Followers

We live in a leader-centric world. We are bombarded by books, courses and experts that continually espouse the virtues of leadership.   …

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Managing Change in Agile Development Environment

If you’ve been around the IT world very much, you’re familiar with the concept of using an Agile methodology to drive system …

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THE Silver Bullet for Skill Mastery

Do you ever wish for that magic pill, like in Limitless, which offers you amazing mental prowess? Ka-boom! You are instantly brilliant …

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