4 Hot Topics for Your Business Agenda in 2017

4 Hot Topics for Your Business Agenda in 2017

Well, predictions are tricky, but after following some of the global trends, here’s what is likely to remain center stage in 2017. …

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How Does Vacation Planning Apply to Career Planning?

Happy 2017! I hope many of you were able to enjoy some well-deserved time off. Other than the summer, the holidays are one …

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Are you Ready for the Originals?

Adam Grant is a best-selling author and professor at Wharton who has spent years researching and interviewing what he terms “originals.” In …

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5 Ways to Be Productive Between Christmas and New Years

If you have to be at work during the “dead” week between Christmas and New Year’s, what are you planning on doing …

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Four Actions for Leaders to Take to Create a Positive Culture

Jon Gordon is a best-selling author and popular keynote speaker. He works with many corporations and sports organizations. He spoke at a …

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The Worst Career Advice

Family, friends and mentors usually mean well when they offer career advice. However, the best career advice isn’t really advice. It comes …

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Are You a Seeker or Speculator When It Comes to the Truth?

The recent weeks have offered quite a bit of discussion and debate about “fake news.” It’s apparent many people just accept what …

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A Call for Empathy: Key to Effective Communication and Relationships

We need more empathy. Empathy is fundamental to building trusting and effective relationships. We’ve seen lack of empathy on the world stage …

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Why Do So Many Americans Want Traditional Jobs?

As the gig and share economies take off, many are calling for the end of 9 to 5. I have myself. But …

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Two Requirements for All Organizations

Patrick Lencioni, the best-selling author and management consultant, spoke at a conference in Dallas hosted by Right Now Media a couple of weeks …

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