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Google’s Main Ingredient for Building Great Teams

In 2012, Google wanted to find out what made great teams great. Google’s People Operations group poured through 50 years of research, …

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3 Ways to Keep Up the Creative Mojo

I love to start a project – the big ideas and the energy of all of the possibilities. It excites my creative …

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What I Learned from Summer Camp

Summer camp is the highlight of many kid’s summers – no mom or dad, wearing the same clothes three days in a …

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Extreme Monkey-Powered Awesomeness Enclosed

It arrived on my doorstep, unassuming enough in its white polymer envelope.  It was the geeky t-shirt I ordered for my science-loving …

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The Leader’s Q3 Check-Point

‘Tis the season for reflection and goal setting.  But before you pull out the to-do list and create some over-zealous or guilt-induced …

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