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Successes in Change Leadership

Changing How Services are Delivered—Outsourcing:
This global organization faced an impending outsourcing that would dramatically affect the current workforce and how they deliver services. We partnered with their senior leadership team read on

A New Way of Working—Centralization:
This global organization was going through a major centralization and completely redefined how services were offered. We partnered with their senior business leadership read on

Successes in Talent Development

Talent for Tomorrow—Capability/Competency Program Tied to Strategy
This client wanted to define the capabilities needed for this changing organization. We advised them that documentation of their current read on

Leadership Team Alignment:
A reorganization of this large professional services firm resulted in a frustrated senior leadership team that hadn’t bought into the new direction. We partnered with the leader of this group to create a plan. read on

We’re Going Back to School—Global University:
The business challenge was to create a global university in a few short months. We partnered with this client to develop a university that worked for all impacted countries and read on

Successes in Organizational Development

Reward Aligned with the Business—Reward Strategy & Program:
This professional services organization faced many global challenges on redefining their reward strategy and program and they needed a new design very quickly to review read on

Global Business Needs a Global Workforce:
This professional services organization needed a new talent and workforce model for a new and rapidly growing global business. We developed a completely new model read on

Business Growth Outpacing Talent—Organizational Growth Plan:
Organizational Growth Plan: The talent in this growing business couldn’t keep pace. They knew that minor adjustments wouldn’t move them fast enough. We developed the roadmap read on

Successes in Communications

Technology to Support the Business—Global ERP Integration:
This global Fortune 100 company introduced new technology that changed how they worked and each country migrated in multiple waves. This significant complexity required read on

A Change for Everyone—New Delivery Model:
This global organization completely redefined how they provided services to their business and retail outlets. This affected thousands of people as roles and processes read on

Successes in New and Social Media

Connect leaders without the layers:
We have led several projects where we found creative ways to drive up engagement within the organization on a new high potential or learning program. We partnered with our clients to develop read on

Global Video Competition:
We partnered with this Fortune 100 client to look at new ways to engage and involve a global audience. In our joint team, we agreed to create a science fair and ask all countries to send read on

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