The Virtual Toast

This year, a few friends and I started a monthly Virtual Toast – some of us were celebrating significant birthdays (aren’t they all significant?) and thought it was a good idea to find a way to toast to friendship and life rather than focus on the major mid-life milestone we were crossing.

Our Virtual Toast mantra started out as: Celebrate friends, family, fun and forties/fifties …

We had a great time with it – either toasting at a GNO dinner, managing to take a week-end trip to the lake, World Series party – anything that brought us together and calling in those that couldn’t make it – Click/Click the glasses and toasting to whatever was top of mind.

Might sound a little corny, toasting via Skype or Cell, but it made it a year to remember – our toasts became a salute to the GOOD things going on in our world or progress we were making toward goals that deserved a toast. It helped us connect with each other and be aware of little events that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Sometimes life moves so quickly that we forget to celebrate the small wins. As intense projects gear up with many people working toward a significant change, product launch or major implementation — remember to toast the milestones along the way. What is the point of working so hard to “get it right” if you don’t celebrate it?

With or without libations, it is the recognition and connections that make people feel proud of their efforts and willing to roll up their sleeves for Round 2, 3 & 4.

Conduct a monthly team conference call – virtual toast to individual accomplishments helps you connect across the country and encourage each other.

Toast to:

  1. Colleague for writing the funniest “alter ego blog” ever written.
  2. Soon-to-be author when finishing Chapter 5.
  3. Small wins along the way that make doing what we do worth it and more fun.

Virtual Toast to all!

  • Be creative!
  • Have fun celebrating the milestones and small wins throughout the year with friends, family and colleagues.  

Move boldly toward the great new challenges ahead of you in 2012!


Shelli Walker is a partner with PeopleResults. You can follow her on Twitter @shelliwalker.

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  • Shelli – love the reminder to take time out to acknowledge progress along our “journey”! It’s so important to keep the fire stoked and energy flowing throughout the year.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  • Great idea of a virtual toast – the important thing is to connect and celebrate however you can.