2023 Talent Acquisition Trends Check In: How’s it Going?


Yikes! We’re already more than a quarter into 2023? How can that be? I’ve been watching a few hot Talent Acquisition trends.  Let’s do a quick check in. How’s it going?



  1. The AI and Tech (high speed) trains have left the station. Talent Acquisition is no stranger to AI. However, fast-moving AI technology and the volume of new products are creating chaos for organizations hoping to be strategic with their workforce solutions. We’ve had the fortune of working with clients that leverage some of this technology to change the way they find and interact with candidates and employees. So what have we learned? Embracing this technology and new ways of working requires a change that stretches well beyond the TA organization.
  2. DEI is so much more than sourcing. 92% of CEOs indicate DEI has been built into their strategic priorities and goals, and this means Talent Acquisition has been focused on how to attract and hire to achieve these goals. Doing that authentically can mean there is no simple solution. However, one great place to start can be integrating DEI into your TA process steps.
  3. Hybrid work may be the great equalizer in TA’s challenges. We, too, are seeing organizations requiring workers to come back to the office. However, we have learned through the great pandemic experiment that hybrid work can open doors to solve talent issues. No skills in your local market? Looking for women that need to balance work with a family? Need diverse talent that is not readily available? Hybrid work is not the only answer, but it may be the great equalizer.
  4. Interim leadership is hot hot hot! A number of colleagues have shared with me that they are not always looking to fill their open executive position with a full time employee right away. We are seeing an increase in opportunities for talented leaders in interim roles.
  5. TA people: Open to Work. Many of my TA friends have been impacted by recent layoffs and are seeking new opportunities. (Shout out to you seasoned colleagues that are thriving through more adversity!) However, companies are still hiring quicker than the pace in 2019. Confusing? Kind of. But all things point to talent supply mismatches that seem to keep growing.

Reflecting on this year so far, I wondered, “what does this all mean?”.  Undoubtedly there is so much work to be done in the Talent Acquisition space.  I’m incredibly hopeful for the opportunity to continue to tackle these big challenges that come with big changes. And with these big changes, we will surely see new innovators and leaders!

What are you seeing and experiencing now that we are WAY into 2023?