3 Tips To Improve Your Team Communications

With technology use, we know there is quite a bit of competition for our time when it comes to information. Advertisers have always known you have to break–through the clutter to grab the attention of your audience. Now, in the workplace, we have these same challenges. Depending on the purpose of your message; you should consider the following to better leverage your communications.

Get Creative: Use video to grab the attention of your audience. It doesn’t have to be pricey – professional-grade video these days. We have iPhones that are fully capable of capturing video messages.

Be Specific: What exactly do you want to achieve by putting this message out? What action are you requesting? Who needs to respond and when? Do they have the information necessary to act quickly or will it take further research???

Respect Their Time: Everyone is busy! Consider how you respond to a long 2-3-4 paragraph e-mail. Why would you want to put that burden on someone else? Have you identified who needs this information and why?

Written by PeopleResults Partner Shelli Walker.