3 Key #Trends to Pay Attention to Now

trendThe word #trending is a tricky one. The explosion in what’s “trending” through social media means that we can follow what others are paying attention to every day, almost minute by minute – but so often what’s trending are the things that come and go in the blink of an eye. Check out how even the news is reported these days … in addition to the events of the day, you can see the latest trending celebrity news and cute videos trending in popularity over the real stories or events that matter – or will have an impact on us.

Understanding and digesting the real trends that will have an impact on us, professionally and personally, is a totally different ballgame. In her recent book, Make Waves, my friend, colleague and mentor Patti Johnson describes trends that will impact the way we do work and the way we live. I’ve talked to clients extensively about some of these trends that particularly resonate based on their situation today that will impact their business  – now or in the future. My advice is to really understand these trends and not dismiss them as a passing fad – or you may find that your success is greatly impacted.

  • Meaningful work. More and more these days, a new generation is seeking work that has meaning. It’s not enough to be paid well or climb to a position in the hierarchy; young people want an opportunity to make an impact in their work each day. Smart talent managers know how to find projects to engage and harness that positive energy and utilize their talents on projects that will have a huge impact on the organization.
  • Short, fast and bite-sized communications. I’m as guilty as many of using two-three paragraphs in email to communicate with an audience. Finding ways to send information in bite-sized chunks can help you connect with an audience that’s overworked, overwhelmed with email and too busy to pay attention to paragraphs of information.
  • Authenticity and the “real deal.” We know, as a culture, how to spot something or someone that’s fake or phony. The value of being yourself and connecting in an authentic way is hugely important for leaders, more so than ever before. Avoid “spin” and drive transparency. Deliver the bad news and the mixed news in addition to the good news. Admit it when you don’t know the answers.

These are just three from a long list that Patti outlines in Make Waves. I hope you’ll take time to check out the book and find the trends that will impact you and your business.

Sheri Browning is a Partner at PeopleResults. You can reach her at sbrowning@people-results.com or on Twitter @sbPResults.