7 Things I’ve Learning During Lockdown

During this past year, the Covid pandemic has turned our lives upside down and changed not just the way we live and work but also how we think and behave. Looking past the obvious grief, struggle, heartache, and stress, I’ve learned a lot about myself during the last 12 months of lockdown.

  1. Audio books are a great escapism. Not just for road trips anymore! I’ve listened to 36 audio books over the past 12 months while walking outside and picking up around the house. I get them from my local library so they are free too!
  2. I’m appreciative of my home. Lockdown meant spending much more time than usual in our homes. I’ve learned to love my house and backyard. Instead of focusing on the items that I want to re-do, I look at all the positives and feel thankful for my space.
  3. My kids are resilient. Pulling the plug on in-person school and sports was more of a shock to me than my kids. The situation is less than ideal, but my kids have picked up invaluable skills that will benefit them for years to come. Including troubleshooting, having backup plans, dealing with ambiguity, reaching out to teachers, and keeping themselves motivated.
  4. I miss seeing and hugging my family & friends. Although I like to be alone, I discovered very quickly that I need to physically see and connect with people! We started gathering with neighbors, friends and family in our driveway, parks and greenbelts. BYOC & B (Bring Your Own Chair & Beverage) turned out to be way easier than coordinating calendars, picking a place, and getting ready.
  5. I prefer exercising at home. When gyms closed, we turned to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) videos in our house. These quick 20ish minute workouts fit with our lifestyle. Coupled with walking the dog and weekly hiking, who needs a gym?
  6. I learned to slow down. Besides work, all other aspects of my life came to a screeching halt. We no longer had packed days of rushing kids to sports, figuring out when/where to grab dinner and planning out the next 6 months of our lives. Taking it one day at a time and being more ‘in the moment’ is still something I’m working on.
  7. Less news is preferred. News outlets are 24/7. Bad news is much more viral than good news so we are bombarded with one disaster after another. Watching something over and over again can lead to anxiety.

We all know this year was less than ideal. If you haven’t done this yet, I challenge you to reflect on your key learnings from the lockdown. Did any of the items above make it onto your list too?


Written by PeopleResults Partner Kathy Wachtel.