Bad for the Body, Bad for Work

Lessons Learned from a Juice Cleanse.

Between November and December I always feel I’m carrying extra baggage. Transitioning into the long heavy Chicago winters, I find my system craving a gigantic reset. It’s as if a year’s worth of mental, emotional, and cellular toxins are begging to be set free. So last week I embarked on a 3 day juice cleanse. (ok fine, I had an expiring Groupon)

Because it was the second time this year I’ve cleansed with juice, I knew generally what to expect. A boost in energy, a longing for texture and taste, a feeling of accomplishment, and many trips to the bathroom. Giving my system a break from the arduous process of digesting the typical occasional junk I chew and swallow, and instead filling it with 96 ounces/day of easily absorbed organic fruits and veggies, was a thank you gift to myself.

Cleanses are funny. Not unlike meditation, my thoughts often drifted to unexpected places with intense clarity. Memories of toxic work environments continued to bubble up. I found myself face-to-face with teams and people who seemed to know only the “back-stabbing-fear-ego-lying” modus operandi. Blech. Hopefully the lettuce/spinach/celery green juice helped show those leftover toxins to the door. (How grateful I am to be surrounded by the opposite: An incredibly supportive-fearless-humbly confident-straight talking team.)

I also had many work flashbacks to situations that lingered in perpetual la la land. Stagnant projects and ideas defined by one of these four characteristics: 1) Hurry up and wait. OR 2) Momentum, momentum, momentum …. abrupt stop. OR 3) No one makes a decision. OR 4) Everyone must be a part of the decision. The powerful watermelon juice (much too sweet for my taste buds) helped me realize as I get older, I have little patience for bureaucracy. I will smile and work the system if need be, but stay peacefully detached.

Toxicity and stagnation. Bad for the body, bad for work.


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