Super Bowl Sends Dogs a Barking

Yes indeedy – the commercials shown during the Super Bowl are once again the big crowd pleaser in my book! I’m sure each one of you has your favorite, but since I have the floor (aka, blog page) I get to talk about mine. It was the Volkswagen – Dogs barking Star Wars theme!

I love the various props they used to represent the characters in the movies – Princess Leia (bottom left) with those ear buns, Luke Skywalker and his Lightsaber (to the right of Leia), C-3PO (top left), Darth Vader (black Lab), the little Ewok (bottom right) and of course Chewbacca! I love dogs and, like millions, for some reason we like to have dogs imitate people. Why is that?

The reality is we love dogs for reasons beyond the fact that they are warm and fuzzy.  They possess some wonderful characteristics and people would be well served to imitate them!  They have traits I think are worth emulating.  Dogs are:

  • Loyal – They are there for you, day-in and day-out.
  • Welcoming – Just think how great you could make others feel if greeted with that dog-like enthusiasm when they enter a room!
  • Sensitive – Somehow dogs can sense when you are upset.  They get close, look deep into your soul and just having them next to you is comforting.
  • Protective – They look out for the ones they love and are ready to protect them from harmful situations.
  • Able to keep secrets – You can always speak freely around a them without worrying about them gossiping or starting rumors.  What you say to that dog, stays with that dog.  (ok, it may be because they can’t talk, but you get my point.)
  • Fun-loving – Dogs are all about fun! People would be well-served to look for ways to build more fun and play into their daily lives. Am I right?

So go ahead and enjoy the commercials and movies that feature dogs being people-like.  But remember, taking on some dog-like attributes would make us better people and the world a better place!

Martha Duesterhoft is a Partner with PeopleResults.  Follow her on Twitter @MDuesterhoft.