Buckle Up! It’s Tim Sackett on Big Fish in the Talent Pool

Tim Sackett needs no introduction in Talent Acquisition circles and defies categorization, but just in case you don’t know him yet, let me give it a try.  He is the edgy, prolific author, blogger, HRU Tech staffing CEO, dad, and husband. He’s the co-founder of the MI Corporate Recruiter’s Conference, Fistful of Talent, ATAP, the HR Famous Podcast, and all-around good guy.

Episode 35 of Big Fish in the Talent Pool is a packed show where we cover Tim’s view of the real driving force behind performance management, why the “quality of hire” metric should never belong to TA, and the pitfalls of judging leadership “soft skills”. If that weren’t enough, we also touch on a new version of brand loyalty between employees and their employers, the tendency to inflate our value proposition as employers, and learning how to come back strong from past failures.

We had a lot of fun during this conversation as I gave Tim a platform to be his irreverent self, offering up his signature straight talk on all things Talent in this crazy, post-pandemic marketplace. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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