RETAIL Client Success Story

Business Transformation via Process & Technology

This retail organization implemented enterprise-wide custom ordering, receiving, billing & inventory tracking processes and systems. Inconsistency in operating practices across thousands of stores had created barriers to achieving ROI for the program.

Course of Action:

  • We designed and led the Organization Change Management and Business Readiness efforts for this multi-phase, multi-year program.
  • Our Business Readiness approach helped align each store‚Äôs activities with a standard process before the process and system implementations.
  • Operating in a franchised environment created specific challenges as we were often leading change without the ultimate authority to require the changes be made.
  • The client culture called for very practical and tactical tools: Stakeholder and Change Impact Assessments, Leadership Alignment Activities, Training Classes and Job Aids, Business Readiness Surveys, and Checklists, Communication Plans & Materials.
  • We worked with leaders to customize plans for each implementation phase.


Upon go-live, stores experienced immediate financial benefits from the new processes and technology. The Business Readiness plan enabled stores to improve process efficiency for ordering and receiving as well as increase accuracy in-store inventory management. Stores experienced 25-30% reduced ordering time, up to 65% reduction in time to check-in deliveries and were able to reduce inventory carrying costs.

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