NON-PROFIT Client Success Story

Culture & Work Environment Course Correct

This global non-profit organization set out to prepare for increased growth and the impact on the work environment and culture.

Course of Action:

We developed a strategy and plan for how to enable a positive culture and work environment during high growth. Actions included:

  • Conducted an organizational assessment to understand current/past employee perspective of changes to work environment and culture.
  • Identified “root cause(s)” of current challenges and provided recommendations on how to address while managing the change effectively through their leaders & improved communications.
  • Managed the communications consistently through multiple channels.
  • Provided Executive Coaching to individuals to support the culture shift and behavior changes.


These actions reduced administrative activities that no longer added value and increased engagement through improved team-wide communication and opportunities for feedback. A new decision-making process kept the focus on top priorities by limiting the number of new projects initiated. Leadership effectiveness was also improved.

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Culture & Work Environment Course Correct

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