Improved Business Health with New Strategy

This global, for-profit university system faced a series of reputation crises and financial hurdles. They sought to improve their image and overall business health through the philosophy of “doing well by doing good.” The client’s primary goal was to create an infrastructure for career and workplace thought leadership and use the content to educate the public as well as their internal career counselors seeking to give their students an edge.

Course of Action:

  • Built and managed a working consortium of external career and workplace thought-leaders, including writers, academics, and human resources professionals.
  • Leveraged the consortium to develop and execute two major research studies per year focused on American job seeker skills gaps and job preparedness.
  • Raised positive awareness of the university system by sharing the consortium’s research results with external industry constituents, including media, associations, corporations, and other academic institutions.
  • Tailored research results to the requirements of this university system’s students, and provide actionable guidance in the form of career counselor webinars, customized online content, conference presentations, and videos.
  • Used the consortium’s platform to proactively grow relationships with influential partners and employers.


The consortium is now well established, with its own brand that serves as an affiliated extension of the university system. Last year, its research activities received over a million positive media impressions, informed a new approach to career services, and helped the system build mutually beneficial relationships and increase its cache among target employers.

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