FORTUNE 500 ENERGY COMPANY Client Success Story

Increased Manager Capability to Drive Culture Change

This Fortune 500 energy industry client needed a partner to design, develop and deliver a development program for their leaders. The goal was to drive culture change throughout the organization by leading through example.

Course of Action:

  • Designed and developed an experiential learning curriculum including modules on Leveraging Your Leadership Style (using DiSC assessments), Active Listening, Delegate & Set Expectations and Giving Effective Feedback
  • Delivered the pilot session with 8 PeopleResults facilitators
  • Conducted train-the-trainer to equip client facilitators to run future sessions, effectively completing knowledge transfer


This organization has since facilitated dozens of sessions, training hundreds of frontline leaders over 2+ years as their business has grown through acquisitions. The feedback on the training has been so positive that PeopleResults was asked to design and develop Phase 2 of an enhanced leadership training program for this same audience.

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Increased Manager Capability to Drive Culture Change

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