Leadership Preparation for Rapid Growth

A rapidly growing healthcare data analytics start-up needed to improve its leadership and team effectiveness for rapid growth. Inability to resolve conflicts, lack of alignment and poor communication within the executive leadership team slowed decision-making and prevented collaboration.

Course of Action:

  • 360 feedback and executive coaching for top leaders to help them navigate key relationships and improve leadership effectiveness.
  • Individual leadership style and team assessment for Leadership Team.
  • Team effectiveness sessions to clarify and align on strategic priorities and develop collaboration skills.
  • Facilitated working session to develop scalable and agreed-upon strategic plan for delivering a solution for their most complex clients.


This resulted in improved trust, confidence, and collaboration between the executive leadership team with clear expectations. It also changed communication to be more strategic versus milestones. Practical actions improved meeting effectiveness, decision-making efficiency, and role clarification. With more effective leadership, the company was able to focus on building the next level of leadership required to grow and scale the business.

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