GLOBAL PRODUCTS Client Success Story

New University & Career Framework

This Fortune 50 global products organization wanted to create a global university for a critical business division. Their starting point was different technical training in every geography. There was also extensive duplication and limited collaboration.

Course of Action:

We quickly worked with the leadership team to develop a strategy & plan that included:

  • Assessing the training underway for each function in every country and identified the courses and content that could quickly be converted and updated into globally relevant training.
  • Developed the new learning priorities and related curricula for the new university.
  • Developed all communications for the university launch including creative video sharing from teams around the world.
  • Program managed and designed the creation of global university Deans to determine the colleges and needed curricula.
  • Developed the Fellows program to create a very selective career path for the most respected and technical leaders in research and development.
  • Designed the overall career program including the analysis and creation of the critical experiences that drive performance and career progression.


The result was this client created a global university and learning program in a very accelerated timeframe and ensured that learning and careers were built based on the global business strategy.

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