Cat in a Hat? The Change Challenge

Cat in a Hat? The Change Challenge

Read Across America Day is celebrated on March 2nd, in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

I love Dr. Seuss. I love reading his books to my kids. The onomatopoeia, the alliteration, the rhyming … it is pure genius. The musicality of the language he uses is infectious.

So in that spirit, I imagined a situation where there was a Cat in the Hat at my workplace …

Our CEO had a challenge

We had a CHANGE to tell

We had a team meeting

Ideas rang out like a bell.


Ideas were voiced

But we couldn’t quite start

So we sat in the conference room

Throwing a dart.


We need an idea

We need one right NOW.

Someone was inspired and

Was taking a bow.


We had all agreed when

There came a great BUMP.

At the door was a sudden

And horrible THUMP.


A Cat in the Hat entered

And said with a flip

of his long blackish tail

I think you’re all whipped.


“Your idea WON’T work,

It’s the wrong thing to have,”

Said this cat

Who was suddenly making us sad.


“I know better than you,”

Mocked the boldest among us.

“Why have you come?”

“Why do you fuss at us?”


In our heads we all knew

We had to move fast.

This disruptor would never

Help make our CHANGE last.


“GET OUT!” we all said.

“Be gone! You’re not helpful.

Cease and desist!”

The Cat, he looked woeful …


“I really was trying

To help,” said the Cat.

“But I guess I can see

It did not seem like that.”


“Just remember, there’s ALWAYS

Detractors like me.

Your change communications

Will never quite be …


Everything to everyone.”

We knew he was right

And thought about how

We could add some insight.


“Impervious to the slings

And arrows of the masses.

You really should try

To just stick to the facts-es”


We have to admit

We were glad that Cat left.

We were tired and

More than a little bereft.


Then our CEO came back

She said, “How did you do?”

What would YOU do,

If your CEO asked YOU?

Do you have a “Cat in the Hat” in your organization? Someone who may be well-intentioned, but nonetheless has the impact of a Seussical “cat tornado?” Good luck with that!

Until next time … wishing you business readiness success!

Kirsten Jordan is a Partner at PeopleResults. She can be reached on Twitter @Kirstenkbdb.