Grit + Gratefulness: Leadership Lessons from Allison Kruse

I recently saw a meme on Linked In encouraging us to: “Live, Be Curious, Be Thankful, Be Grateful. Enjoy the memories you’re going to make!” Words to live by, both personally and professionally. And it’s a fitting headline for the conversation I had recently with Allison Kruse, Kforce’s Recruitment Marketing and Social Media guru on my podcast, #BigFishintheTalentPool, The Podcast for Talent Leaders.

Allison is indeed one of the most positive, grateful, and forward-looking leaders in the Talent Acquisition space, as evidenced by her quick rise over the past several years. She has made it her business to learn and practice all the best strategies for content development and management for #Kforce recruiters globally. In fact, what you and I see on Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, and Insta, coming from Kforce associates was most likely curated and distributed by Allison, giving recruiters the ability to brand and source continuously. She sets the strategy and tactics, making it easy for them to be on message, ultimately helping Kforce clients get the talent they need.

To hear Allison’s career story, leadership advice, and what motivates her each day (and keeps her up at night!), click on the links below to listen. You’ll be glad you did!

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