“I hate change!” | Be The Change – Part 2

I was very inspired by a story that I saw recently on CBS Sunday Morning. So inspired that I had to do a Part 2 to one of my blogs – “Be the Change”

I believe that as a leader you need to show people what you want them to do. People are more willing to follow a leader they perceive as committed to a change. Leaders show people how to change. Or more simply, many great leaders decide to Be the Change.

I ran across one such person on the TV as I was flipping pancakes for my kids one Sunday morning. This story stopped me in my tracks.

Luma Mufleh took a wrong turn one day and ended up befriending some children who were playing soccer. More accurately, children who were refugees of war, resettled the U.S. in the town where she lived outside Atlanta.

As she learned more about these kids who had escaped heinous circumstances, she figured out a way to help. She didn’t ask someone what she should do, she didn’t talk about it and try to get others to do something. She just did it.

And what she has done so far based on this chance encounter is:

  • Created a soccer team as a way for these kids to fit in and feel like they belong in their new life in this country.
  • Built a school, Fugees Academy, that was capable of meeting their unique academic needs.
  • Took on the role as coach / role model / mentor / parent to these kids and has given a strong helping hand to an entire community.

Coach Luma Mufleh is a leader and an extraordinary inspiration. She saw something that needed doing and did it, giving of her time and self to lead kids (and a whole community) to a better life.

For Luma’s full story (she also has a fascinating personal story having immigrated from Jordan), I highly recommend going to CBS Sunday Morning. And after you do, you might want to check out her charitable organization – Fugees (short for Refugees) whose mission is Helping Child Survivors of war rebuild their lives one step at a time. Or find Luma on Twitter @fugeesfamily.

So the next time you come across a situation where you have the opportunity to Be The Change – I hope you’ll grab it and make the most of it.

Until next time … wishing you business readiness success!

Kirsten Jordan is a Partner at PeopleResults. She can be reached on Twitter @kirstenkbdb.