What’s On Your Learning Agenda for 2018?

Welcome to 2018! I’m assuming most of you are back into your work-life routine after the holidays and thinking about your goals and aspirations for the new year.

We had a relatively quiet holiday and stayed in town. It was great in terms of really dialing down, relaxing, and reflecting. Because the weather was frigid, we stayed inside and watched lots of historical movies and documentaries, which was really wonderful – I feel like I learned so much!

One thing I know about myself is that I really enjoy learning. While I don’t typically make resolutions, I did decide to take a more intentional approach to learning in 2018. I’ve subscribed to The Next Big Idea Club. You may have heard about it. Follow the link to learn more and join me!

Well-Respected authors like Adam Grant, Daniel Pink, Malcolm Gladwell, and Susan Cain serve as the curators to select the most groundbreaking nonfiction books in psychology, business, happiness, and productivity. They send you two books every three months along with bonus course materials and exclusive video shorts, which break down key concepts and insights about how to apply the concepts in your own life.

I won’t get my first set of books until mid-February, but I intend to use my blog to highlight some of my key learning along the way throughout the year and would love to have my readers join with me to share what they learn as well.

If you haven’t had the time to pause and think about how you want to spend your time in 2018, please do so. Our time is precious – all we have is the present moment. Why not plan to make the most of those moments by making time and mental space to learn something new.

Martha Duesterhoft is a Partner with PeopleResults. Follow her on Twitter @mduesterhoft or connect via email at mduesterhoft@people-results.com Need another reason to join The Next Big Idea Club? For every subscription sold, the Next Big Idea Club donates 2 books to children in under-resourced communities.