Oscar Winning Communication Tips

Cue the music . . . it’s time to stop talking.

Every year I look forward to Oscar night, even if I haven’t seen all the nominated movies. It’s fun to watch all the glitz, and I especially love channeling my inner Joan Rivers during the red carpet walk.

The most painful part of the three+ hour extravaganza though is listening to the acceptance speeches. It’s understandable how the excitement of the moment along with nerves can overtake the speaker. But I can’t help wishing they would consider the following communication tips to better engage us and hold our attention.


Think through what you want to say ahead of time, so you can reveal with intention rather than ramble.

Consider Your Audience

It’s wider and more diverse than just your colleagues, friends and family (you’re on TV being broadcast across the globe!).

Be Concise

You know your time to speak is short, so make your message brief and to the point.

Create a Message With Impact

Don’t squander a great opportunity to connect to your audience and be memorable.

Be Genuine

Make it meaningful.

Over the years, a few winners’ acceptance speeches have stood out and even become iconic (Sally Field’s “You like me!” comes to my mind). Use of these simple communication tips likely helped to make them so.

How will you ensure your own “Oscar speeches” (communications) are memorable, impactful and concise?

Elise Cary is a Partner at PeopleResults. She can be reached on Twitter @EliseCary.