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Be A WaveMaker

Host: Patti Johnson (PeopleResults CEO)

“Be a WaveMaker” is a conversation on change – how to lead it, prepare for it, and thrive when work and life are full of surprises. Patti Johnson, the CEO of PeopleResults, invites you to join the conversation on making change your friend and ally for doing big things.

Big Fish in the Talent Pool

Host: Erin Peterson (PeopleResults Partner)

PeopleResults Partner Erin Peterson hosts Big Fish in the Talent Pool. She interviews global leaders in Talent Acquisition about the joys and challenges of TA Leadership. From candidate experience to AI recruitment technologies and RPO decisions, no topic is off-limits.

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The Latest Episode

  • Battling Your Monkey Mind ~ Mike Smerklo
    Our thoughts guide every action. But, what if our thoughts get in our way? Mike Smerklo, the author of Mr. Monkey and Me, joins Patti to discuss how to battle internal thoughts that undermine us and the changes we want to make. 

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The Latest Episode

  • Episode 38: The “Contentment Commitment” with Tim Streeter
    Tim Streeter is the classic example of Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind, living out the power of using both left brain and right brain simultaneously in his Global Talent Acquisition leadership roles at Whirlpool and Accenture, and in the rest of his life. Where does he find the time and energy to flex into […]