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Be A WaveMaker

Host: Patti Johnson (PeopleResults CEO)

“Be a WaveMaker” is a conversation on change – how to lead it, prepare for it, and thrive when work and life are full of surprises. Patti Johnson, the CEO of PeopleResults, invites you to join the conversation on making change your friend and ally for doing big things.

Big Fish in the Talent Pool

Host: Erin Peterson (PeopleResults Partner)

PeopleResults Partner Erin Peterson hosts Big Fish in the Talent Pool. She interviews global leaders in Talent Acquisition about the joys and challenges of TA Leadership. From candidate experience to AI recruitment technologies and RPO decisions, no topic is off-limits.

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The Latest Episode

  • Think Like an Entrepreneur
    Anyone starting a change can learn from successful entrepreneurs like Rusty Shelton, CEO of Zilker Media. Rusty shares with Patti his experiences on how to envision what doesn’t yet exist, make decisions without all of the answers, face fears of the unknown, and yet -- keep going.  

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The Latest Episode

  • Episode 36: “The Best Job There Is” with MaryAnne Pelland of Citizens
    Contagious passion, gratitude and optimism for the future of Talent Acquisition characterize my discussion with MaryAnne Pelland, Citizens Head of TA Strategy and Services, in Episode 36. Having studied Biology and intending to be a doctor, she morphed her passion for helping others into an early career in staffing scientific talent, then insurance, then Citizens […]