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Be A WaveMaker

Host: Patti Johnson (PeopleResults CEO)

“Be a WaveMaker” is a conversation on change – how to lead it, prepare for it, and thrive when work and life are full of surprises. Patti Johnson, the CEO of PeopleResults, invites you to join the conversation on making change your friend and ally for doing big things.

Big Fish in the Talent Pool

Host: Erin Peterson (PeopleResults Partner)

PeopleResults Partner Erin Peterson hosts Big Fish in the Talent Pool. She interviews global leaders in Talent Acquisition about the joys and challenges of TA Leadership. From candidate experience to AI recruitment technologies and RPO decisions, no topic is off-limits.

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The Latest Episode

  • Resistance 101
    Resistance is inevitable when you bring new ideas and change how it’s always been. Guest Nancy Bistritz-Balkan, head of Communications for McKesson Cybersecurity, shares how to bring others along with you and make your change a reality.

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The Latest Episode

  • Episode 40: Driven to Innovate: Jacob Kramer of US Xpress
    Jacob Kramer is the VP of Talent Acquisition at US Xpress, Inc., a job he got by pitching his ideas to the CEO and Head of HR for automating recruitment in their industry. He had transformed stylist hiring for Regis Corp and saw synergies that could apply. So he took a risk, made the pitch, […]