What’s up with Social Technology and Talent Management?

What’s up with Social Technology and Talent Management?

Not much.

Sure you’ve got recruiters getting the hang of LinkedIn to find candidates. But that has little to do with how you develop the current employees you want and need to keep around.

Many companies’ social policies and lack of social network infrastructure create an environment where the best, brightest and most innovative are plotting their exit.

Fascinating Contradictions

In Silkroad’s recent State of Social Technology and Talent Management survey, they found:

  • 50% of surveyed US Employers block their users from social media sites


  • 75% of respondents felt that their company was behind the curve with internal and external use of social technology


  • 67% surveyed companies have adopted or planned to adopt internal social technology (notice this stat represents internal technology, not the external good stuff)

I’m reminded of (yes, I admit I remember this first-hand) the days companies resisted giving employees access to the internet in the workplace. “But that’s ok,” the  powers-that-be rationalized, “because we have this fabulous intRAnet!” (yippee.)

Fear + resisting the inevitable wave of change will leave you in the dust. And it’s not the best strategy for retaining your most talented awesome employees.

Speaking of talented awesome employees racing for the door ….

Taleo also conducted a survey. Their UK Social Talent Management Report 2012 reports:

  •  66% of workers see social networks as an efficient way to find out about job opportunities at other companies,

but only

  • 45% see social networks as an efficient way to find out about job opportunities within their existing company


  • only 10% of employees routinely use social networks internally to discuss work with colleagues.


  • Half of all surveyed employees want to more effectively share knowledge with each other or connect better with peers in similar job roles

Leaders that continue to associate social networking with posting a retro photo of a delicious looking cupcake on Instagram, or proudly checking into a swanky new restaurant on Foursquare are missing the point entirely.

Either companies start investing in tools that allow employees to collaborate with each other, easily tap into and share with their network, and connect to opportunities and people within their organization, or watch their talent move on to greener pastures.

Marta Steele is a Partner and the Community Manager at PeopleResults. You can reach her on Twitter @MartaSteele or through email at msteele@www.people-results.com.