Does Your Talent Acquisition Organization Take Cues from The Voice?

Microphone in karaoke room or conference roomFor me, all things are right again in the universe when NBC starts airing it’s hit tv show The Voice. It’s one of the few shows the whole family enjoys, and we are always loyal to our respective coach (Go Team Adam!).

As I watch the new season, I can’t help but think about how our Talent Acquisition teams should take some cues from the famous Blind Auditions.

  • Listen intently. The judges sit with their backs to the artist and focus on the vocal performance. Because they don’t see the artist’s looks or the performance, they can really concentrate on what matters most.

Do your recruiters and hiring managers focus on the raw talent of your applicants? Do they look beyond the obvious recent experiences and find the special things they can contribute to your organization? Are they asking the right questions and listening?

  • Choose a variety of talent. After watching a few seasons (ok, all of them), it’s obvious that the coaches have a selection plan. They select talent across genres and listen for certain things they can coach and teach. At times they will even pass on selecting a great artist because they already have someone to “fill that spot” on their team.

A plan is critical to success in acquiring talent. Sometimes you can have two people on your team with similar skills and experiences. In other cases, you need a very specific person to fill your need. In either case, you need a plan. And sometimes your plan needs to be adjusted based on the talent you find.

  • Take cues from your resources. Sometimes the coaches turn their chair because the audience is reacting positively to the artist. Other times you can see them making gestures and asking questions of each other.

Can you use other resources to provide insight to your candidate? Do you take input from team members like your receptionist and candidate travel schedulers? Their insights can be invaluable in your selection process.

Finally, the coach is the ultimate key to winning. Are your hiring managers as invested in their hires as the coaches are in their artists? I think you’ll agree that your hiring managers with the most in the game are sure winners.

Cheryl Farley is a Partner with PeopleResults. Follow her on Twitter at @CherylMFarley or connect by email at