This Talent Acquisition Team is Paving the Way for Gig Workers

Who is it?  None other than the award-winning recruitment team at EY, and the Head of their US team, Larry Nash is my guest on the next episode of the Big Fish in the Talent Pool Podcast.  During our discussion, Larry offers interesting insights into his own career path, including an ex-pat year in Tokyo, his perspective on the speed of change, using IBM’s Watson to assess talent, EY’s branding challenges, women in leadership, and more.

Larry and I also discussed one of several innovations EY is working on, the recently launched GigNow.  This great idea brings the double benefit of creating a path for those who want to work with EY’s clients on a contract basis, while widening their own talent pool, and saving the 250,000-person firm a bundle in hiring costs.  Larry is a true professional, a great interview, and an all-around decent human being.  Our time together was of course too short, but action packed, and so much fun.

The Big Fish podcast is designed to “pay it forward” to future TA Leaders in search of examples and insights on how others made their way to the top job in TA, and how they think about and manage all the challenges this interesting profession holds.  If you enjoyed this podcast, you will appreciate upcoming episodes with senior TA leaders like Sylvette Sawyers of startup, Robin Erickson, PhD, of Bersin by Deloitte, and Carly Sanchez of Wells Fargo.  I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions.  Please email me at the contact info below and thanks very much for listening.

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