Tips On Winning Today’s Race At Work

Work from home or always working?

It’s not just you who feels like the added flexibility, with all its benefits, also tends to blur the lines between work and home. You might think if I just stay here and power through the next 4 zoom meetings, knock off to do list items, touch-base with my team… I’ll feel a sense of accomplishment & know I’ve rocked my day. Taking this approach day after day can make you feel exhausted, isolated and void of any time for outside recreation & family fun.

How do you prepare yourself for the typical stress of work that you look forward to and actually boosts your mood vs. the this is going to be a BIG day stress that causes anxiety and wreaks havoc on your sanity.

You have to Know Your Race.

Here are a few tips for winning your race so you can be more refreshed, creative & productive.

RRest & Recovery. Some days are like a marathon while others are a combination of short sprints. Your rest & recovery routine can make all the difference in your ability to make quick decisions, be more agile and resilient. Take Mental Resets throughout your day; quick nap, meditation, deep breathing, music, podcast, reading. Something that inserts relaxation, creativity or energy to give your brain a break and prepare you to attack the next project with a refreshed perspective. Physical resets even if only a 10 minute walk between Zoom meetings or getting outside the office for lunch can help you show up ready for the next challenge. If you’re like me, I have to be very intentional to set aside time for me & my physical health – so put it on your calendar. Supporting your physical health comes in daily habits of eating healthy, getting nightly restful sleep and moving your body to help you maintain a healthy base to ensure resilience when things get tough.

AAction. Take steps, small wins & big chunks to make progress on your “must do” priorities. Lead the way for your team to continue taking strides to cross the finish line. Don’t ruminate, over-think & re-shuffle – Take Action! In a recent Fast Company article, Patti Johnson wrote, “Remind yourself that waiting for perfect gets you nowhere.”

CConnect with others. The energy & insight you can gain from a short conversation can be just the boost you need to think more creatively & bring your purpose back in focus. Relationships are very important in reducing the feeling of isolation & even overwhelm that can make you feel stuck & unproductive. Long projects & even sprints will require consistent communications and team exchanges to keep the team engaged and committed along the way.

EExpect to Win. Imagine yourself as a “corporate athlete” preparing for and sustaining a high level of performance to meet the challenges of the race be it a marathon or short sprints. Be strategic and thoughtful in how you leverage your mental & physical strengths to endure and play full out – you will thank yourself for it.


Shelli Walker is a Partner with PeopleResults. Follow her on Twitter @swalker or connect via email at