Volunteering Offers Myriad Benefits, Including At Work


National non-profit day is this week on August 17. This recognizes the goals and positive impacts nonprofits have on communities and the world. This is a fantastic opportunity to spotlight whichever non-profit is most important to you or your organization.

This year, as a PeopleResults team, we are volunteering together on Saturday, August 20 at The Storehouse of Collin County in Plano, TX. Their mission is to “feed, clothe and care as neighbors in one community”.

Volunteering together is a great team building opportunity. How have you volunteered with your team?

One example I experienced with clients included building bicycles for underprivileged children. The teams had to figure out how to follow directions, and in the end, dozens of bicycles were ready for kids who wouldn’t otherwise have them available.

One year, as a PeopleResults team, we volunteered together at Operation Kindness. It was a favorite of one of our team members, so we spent time together there in her honor. We made dog chew toys by hand, and walked dogs staying there to give them a break from the kennels for the morning.

Often getting out of the office (or away from the desk) gives you a fresh perspective. You see co-workers in a new light. Your brain can address problems or challenges in an innovative way. You come back to work re-energized and appreciative of your blessings. AND sometimes you get to try new things and build new skills.

Where do you like to volunteer?