What Are You Really Saying?

Basically, it’s a given that there are, you know, so many things people do when speaking… ummm… that distract their listeners from hearing the message, right?

What is your audience thinking when they hear these common (all too common!) communication gaffes?

Basically – Ouch! If this is so fundamental, I must be stupid that I don’t already know it.

It’s a given – Really? Not to me… (or) Prove it!

You know – If I knew this I wouldn’t need you, would I?

Ummm – Sorry, I lost you. What were you saying?

Like – Gag me with a spoon. I ask for a literate professional and I get a Valley Girl.

Right? – Are you asking me a question or telling me something important? Is this a test to see if I was listening?


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