Working Remotely: 10 Tips To Making It Work

As the world works together to adjust the way we interact at home and at work, we’re challenged to consider new and different ways to engage.  Working remotely or virtually is an option that many companies are offering to employees.  Some of us are experienced telecommuters and know how to effectively work remotely.  For others, this is a brand-new world.  Either way, the tips below can help you work remotely, maintain productivity and keep personal connections in a virtual world.

Set-Up for Success

  • Create a workspace for yourself. Find a place in your home that works best, but don’t stress if it’s not perfect.  If you need to move around during the day to accommodate noise or light levels, do so.
  • Ensure you have the right equipment and access to do the job – computer, company log-in access, phone, stickies, stapler, chargers, etc.
  • Keep phones and computers charged and consider accessibility to power outlets; Be careful not to string power cords in walkways that may cause accidents.

Be Intentional

  • Be aware that working remotely may require more attention and intention to stay connected, complete tasks and manage distractions.
  • Keep your normal start and stop work times. If not, you may slip into sleeping in a little in the morning or finishing one more thing at the end of the day. Try to stick to your normal schedule to manage your workday.
  • Get dressed! Or wear nice pajamas.
  • Try to manage interruptions. If you’re sharing your workspace with your family, this may be hard to do.  When possible, manage and mitigate disruptions (e.g., change conf call times, use the mute button, etc.)

Collaborate and Connect

  • Use virtual communication and collaboration tools to stay connected and share content such as instant messaging, video conferencing, sharepoint sites, etc.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely. Take more time to ensure you’re relaying your message clearly in written or verbal form.
  • Make an effort to personally connect with coworkers and maintain team interactions. For some, working remotely can feel isolating.  Take time to connect, share and chat when appropriate.


Charlotte Ntreh is a Partner at PeopleResults where she helps clients build and sustain high performing, effective and impactful organizations with measurable results. You can reach her at or follow her on twitter @cntreh.