Who worries about Indeed’s Employment Brand? This guy…

In Episode 5 of the Big Fish in the Talent Pool podcast, I talk with Bryan Chaney, Head of Global Employment Brand and Talent Attraction for (wait for it…) Indeed!  That’s sort of like going to see the surgeon who operates on the docs at the Mayo Clinic, right?   And you’re in for a treat.

Bryan has an incredibly robust background in Talent Acquisition which gives him a unique perspective on all things sourcing and branding, and colors how he thinks about the brand and attraction strategy for the largest recruiting source in the world.  It’s his biggest challenge to date, especially as Indeed seeks to hire 3,000 associates in the coming year, tackle diversity and inclusion globally, and see what interesting synergies might emerge with their parent’s (Recruit Holdings) recent acquisition of a new sister company, Glassdoor.  Their theme is “Storytelling” and it’s the key to their secret sauce of attracting and hiring the right talent to help the rest of us do what we do better.

Bryan and I discussed TA tech, the benefits of RPO, women in recruiting leadership, his perspective on mentoring and career growth, current books he’s reading (spoiler alert – Star Wars is involved), and more.  We had a blast connecting and we hope overhearing our conversation will give you something to think about, and put a smile on your face too.  Enjoy!

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