Maximize your talent.

Today’s leaders must be effective in an ambiguous and rapidly changing business environment. New services, growth, or a change in how you develop talent bring exciting changes and new ways of working. We’re here to simplify complexity and focus on how to have the greatest impact.

Designing Tomorrow’s Workforce

Are you ready to deliver your strategy? How are you maximizing your organization's talent today? Are you nimble and adaptable as conditions change?

We help you anticipate tomorrow’s organization and create a roadmap to get you there. We have nationally recognized expertise in workforce insights and research. We can translate trends into practical actions you can take now.

Our work includes:

  • Organizational workshops and briefings to ensure your teams understand the full scope of changes and potential disruptions facing the 21st century workforce
  • Organizational diagnostic to understand where you are today and your opportunities
  • Organizational strategy that defines a clear direction
  • Organization design to ensure roles and structure are aligned with your priorities

Leading Big Changes

Do you have a game plan to deliver the change ahead? How will you prepare your business and people for the change? Do you know what tomorrow looks like?

An acquisition, a new business model, the shift to a global business or a new system all change how people work and how you manage your business. We’ll work together to look at your change holistically and develop a practical strategy and get started. We can advise, develop, educate or be an extension of your team. Leading and managing change requires proven methods with the right focus. It may be more time or capability than you have on your team.

This is where we come in. We will work with you to deliver:

  • Change and business readiness assessments to understand how this change impacts your workforce and day-to-day business
  • Stakeholder and impact assessments to know who to engage and how
  • Change strategy & game plan development to drive adoption and deliver on the investment
  • Change management delivery and implementation so that change works
  • Change education experiences and tools to grow the change capability in your organization

Attracting & Growing the Right Capability

Do you have a plan to attract the right talent? How prepared is your organization to deliver on today’s commitments and anticipate tomorrow’s needs? Does your organization have the knowledge and expertise to deliver business results?

We work with you to design and implement an effective hiring process and develop a team consistent with your culture and values. Together we’ll also create learning and leadership development programs that build needed skills and capabilities. We develop and tailor leadership programs that are successful virtually or in person.

Our work includes:

  • Local and global employment branding, talent sourcing strategies, and results-focused recruitment processes
  • Learning strategies, course development and follow-up “practice and apply programs after the classroom
  • New learning options that utilize media and online learning opportunities
  • Leadership development, team effectiveness and executive coaching
  • High potential and succession programs and plans

Communicating for Engagement

Is your organization engaged and committed to the changes ahead? How is your business strategy influencing your communications strategy? Are you too reliant on cascading top down communication that never quite works?

Communication today is undergoing exciting changes with new ways to connect and engage those in your organization. A great communication strategy relies on clear, simple messaging, group participation, and constant reinforcement through multiple channels. We work with you to engage others to be part of the conversation. Together, we’ll refresh and reimagine how to create impactful communications.

We can work together to develop:

  • Communication strategy and design aligned by stakeholder
  • Crowdsourcing ideas
  • Communication structure that involves champions and engages the business
  • Communication content development
  • Implementation of new online & virtual communication tools and channels that connect and engage the workforce
  • Communication techniques to build engagement among leaders and teams

Managing Programs & Projects

How you will deliver on your priorities? How will you integrate and manage the multiple projects underway? Does your team have the capacity to move projects forward and facilitate critical decisions?

Many clients need a trusted partner to keep their priorities and programs on track. Our projects often include a project management role to ensure that work is on pace, sequenced correctly, deadlines are met and dependencies are addressed. This ongoing management is often the difference maker for helping our clients deliver on many commitments.

Our work here includes:

  • Project management with all key stakeholders
  • Program management leadership that integrates multiple work streams
  • Executive communications to prepare our clients for program launches, key presentations, meetings and project updates
  • Governance and program structure needed for changes & key initiatives