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Workshop Themes Include:

Leading Change that Works

How to be a Change Activator

Communicating in Times of Change

Leading in Ambiguity

Leading for Results

Leadership Alignment and Working as a Team

Speaking Topics

Our topics range from planning the workforce of the future, how to start real change, and strategies for creating the career you’ve always wanted.

Be Bold for Change (Be a Wave Maker)

This session gives participants strategies for how to make change happen.

By connecting how you think with what you do, it helps individuals identify what gets in their way and how to move forward to realize their goals. Patti Johnson shares her research and stories from her bestseller Make Waves: Be the One to Start Change at Work and in Life.

The Future of Work to 2030

This session for all types of employees will address how the global workplace, organizations, and employees will change in the next 10-15 years.

By exploring the implications of these developments, individuals will be in an excellent position to be both productive and competitive in the workforce of tomorrow.

Grooming Young Professionals for Success

This session is for Baby Boomer and Generation X managers.

It will provide an overview of the attitudes, behaviors, expectations, and communication styles of today’s twenty-something and thirty-somethings and will explore tactics for recruiting, managing, retaining, and developing them into our organizations’ rising leaders.

Communicating Across the Generations

This session is for employees of all ages.

This session for employees of all ages will share some of the communication frustrations between the five generations currently in the workforce (including the compelling Generation Z, set to arrive in the next two years!) and provide attendees with concrete strategies to build a better sense of community in the organization.

They Don’t Teach Corporate in College

This session is for twenty-somethings.

This session for twenty-somethings will advise on developing an effective professional persona, including how to make a positive first impression on business contacts and how to practice strong communication and diplomacy with colleagues.

Overcoming Gender Differences to Create a Winning Team

This highly engaging session will educate attendees on documented gender differences.

This highly engaging session will educate attendees on documented gender differences, By recommending specific communication strategies to reconcile men and women’s sometimes conflicting perspectives, we empower both genders and help your female employees advance.

Combat the 10 Myths of Business Success

This session will offer guidance for surviving and thriving in a business climate.

This session will offer guidance for surviving and thriving in a business climate that eschews controversy, office politics, and quick promotions and is returning to an emphasis on traditional workplace values like trust and direct communication.

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