4 Reasons Why a Great Strategy Isn’t Good Enough

Do you ever wonder why great strategies fall short?

Here are a few reasons why great isn’t good enough:

  1. Great strategies are a starting point. They are like a fresh ball of clay formed into its initial shape. Shiny, new, fragrant, clean. But it’s just that – a starting point for future twist, turns and ready to be shaped over and over. If left in its current shape, it will become brittle and useless.
  2. Great is relative. Its worth is measured by one’s mind at a point in time. What’s great today may be mediocre tomorrow. Strategy is mobile, ever changing, continually seeking the next addition. Never quite making it to doneness. Given the speed of change, strategies must be fluid and constantly seeking a greater level of performance.
  3. A great strategy alone doesn’t equal success. Successful strategies take into account many things including resources, challenges, execution, decisions and drivers. Forward thinking, continual planning and future actions will adjust and reshape your strategy.
  4. Great is overrated. How many times a day do you use the word great? “Have a great day,” “Great, let’s meet at 12:00,” “Great job, Johnny,” “I had a great time.” The truth is that we’ve marginalized greatness. Great no longer really means great in day-to-day vernacular.

So, the next time you’re creating a strategy, don’t create just a great strategy. Create an effective, efficient, executable, measurable and adjustable strategy that moves and grows with your business.

Let me know how it goes and have a GREAT day!

Charlotte Ntreh is a Partner at PeopleResults where she helps clients build and sustain high performing, impactful and effective organizations with measurable results. You can contact Charlotte at cntreh@people-results.com or follow her on twitter @cntreh.