Artificial Intelligence in HR with Ben Eubanks: Part II

On my podcast Workforce 2030, I conversed with HR technology expert Ben Eubanks, In this second post of the series drawn from Ben’s book Artificial Intelligence for HR, we’re talking about some specific AI-driven tools that are taking human capital management to the next level.

  • HealthJoy’s chatbot will reach out to members at strategic times of the year to remind them to get a flu shot. However, unlike a generic message or text reminder, the system also automatically scans insurance information to find the best local provider.


  • Spot uses a chatbot to interview workers about their harassment experience and then can submit the anonymous report to a trusted person within the company.


  • Talent rediscovery is a new recruitment strategy thanks to AI tools like Restless Bandit, which resurfaces the valuable connections you already have in your own database before paying to find candidates elsewhere. If recruiters fail to follow up with a high-value applicant, the system can trigger an automated reminder to get the applicant back on the recruiter’s radar.


  • Fortay’s platform uses machine learning technology to define a firm’s unique cultural fingerprint based on ideal company values. It examines and codifies cultural workplace attributes of the company’s cultural champions, those who embody the key aspects of the firm’s culture. This fingerprint is then used to assess relative cultural alignment in candidates to ensure a successful match and increased quality of hire.


  • AI tools like Axonify categorize and replicate the performance practices of the best workers, helping to distribute those competencies, behaviors, and skills into the rest of the workforce. Lower performers improve because they can mirror the practices used by their higher-performing peers.


  • Sunlight gives each worker their own learning budget to spend as they see fit. Sunlight’s chatbot offers a concierge experience, so workers can converse with the system to find resources, content, and assets that can help them to achieve their learning and career goals.


  • Nexus AI surfaces the best employees for a specific team based on the purpose of the team and the skills of the employees themselves, and it can even tap into external resources like freelancers and contingent workers to supplement the internal workforce’s capabilities.

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