Changing Lives By Marrying Technology & Need

Recently I got this wonderful shakeup out of my busy-toomuchtodo-gottabuythatgift holiday mode that I find myself in each and every year.

I found my way to one of my favorite organizations’ blogs – and was blown away by one of the coolest projects I’ve ever seen. It reminded me of the power that technology – and companies in America seeking to pursue good things and give back, can have in the everyday lives of people. This project will literally change thousands of lives – permanently – in such positive ways that we can’t even foresee at the present time. Amazing …

Check this out from the organization Autism Speaks, which partnered with HP to create “Hacking Autism”. I am so touched by what they’ve done – as I have experienced first-hand how tools can change these children’s lives.

As a parent of a child with autism, I can tell you firsthand that when autism touches you, you will do anything – anything – to find ways to facilitate your child’s communication skills. When you see what this project has done to open up the world to these children with autism, it’s a testament to the power of goodness in this world; great minds and successful businesses meeting a need and changing lives.

We all have charities or causes we choose to support – this one is one of mine. I challenge you to find your cause, your passion, the organization that YOU want to support to give back and make an impact. There’s no better time than now, when there’s so much need in the world, to think about ways you, your business or your family can make an impact – be it great or small, we can all change lives.

Check out “hacking autism” and let me know what you think.