Do you want your “change managed” or your “business ready”?

Change Management? I have never really liked that term.  “Organizational Change Management” sounds even worse.  I’ve been doing this work 20+ years and even to me the terms sound academic and about as fun as a dental procedure.  Definitely sounds like something that I might want to avoid having a meeting on if given the option.

But, having my business ready for a change – now that sounds like something that I might need.

With that in mind, I’ve rebranded “Change Management” and “Change Leadership” on many of my programs.  I much prefer talking about Business Readiness or “what is needed to have your business ready to make a change”.  I find this opens up a whole different conversation with someone who is sponsoring or leading a change for their business.

Asking them about what is needed to have their “business ready” becomes a practical discussion grounded in achievement and outcomes, not a theoretical one based on a “change model”.

You’re still doing the “change management/leadership” items, of course.  Including, but not limited to:

  • Aligning Sponsors and Leaders with the change and engaging them to support the change
  • Planning Communications and developing the materials to support the change with the right stakeholders
  • Assessing Role Changes that might be needed to support the change within the organization
  • Preparing Readiness Assessments and Go-Live Checklists grounded in the specific activities that will help you measure if individuals and organizations are ready to take on a change
  • Developing Training Approaches and the correct materials that ensure people will have the skills needed to be successful going forward

You’re just doing these things now for the very clear goal of having the “business ready for the change“.

And I’ve found that can be a huge game changer.  A big “a-ha” for why anyone would spend valuable time and effort on these activities.  And anytime I can provide better motivation, I’ll take it.

What do you think?  Do you want your “change managed” or your “business ready”?  Did this change your perspective on Change Management and Change Leadership?

Until next time…wishing you Business Readiness success!

Kirsten Jordan