Remembering Gratitude at Work

It’s that time of year. Buy the turkey and cranberries, invite the relatives over and, of course, we count our blessings. This year I can’t help but think of the many blessings I have had at work and in my career. And, for me it’s about the conversations, the small kindnesses ~ the little things that often go unnoticed at the time.

This year, I am especially grateful for:

  1. The countless people who said “I have an idea” and made something great happen and we all learned something new.
  2. The bosses that took the time to ask “what do you want to do next?” or “what are you interested in?” – and really listened. It made me feel valued and important.
  3. Those who took the time to say, “I have someone I want you to meet,” or, “You two should know each other,” and it led to friendships, new ideas and opportunities.
  4. The people who had absolutely nothing to gain by helping me, but, “paid it forward,” knowing that I would do the same for others.
  5. Those who made me howl with laughter during crazy times and sometimes when we probably shouldn’t have been laughing – but it sure made work a lot more fun.
  6. My team who literally propped me up, stood by me and covered for me when my Mom was dying of cancer. They got me through it and I’ll never forget it.
  7. The boss early in my career who was so uninvolved that I was thrown into situations and responsibilities way beyond my years or experience, but survived.  At the time, I thought he/she was terrible. But, looking back – thank you. One of those “dog years” when you come out the other end seven years ahead of when you started.
  8. The countless advisors who when I started PeopleResults, gave me such wisdom and insight that I still recall on a daily basis.
  9. All those who led by example and who had the utmost character. Their words and actions were one and same. We all learned by watching you.
  10. The amazing team I work with today of smart, talented and interesting people who make work fun every day. Thank you.

I am reminded that kindness, concern, interest, laughter, learning and “paying it forward” are what stands the test of time.

Have you said thank you to those who have made a difference for you and your career?

Now’s the perfect time. It’s Thanksgiving after all.

Patti Johnson is the CEO of PeopleResults. Follow her at @pattibjohnson and her company @people_results on Twitter.