Wait, what?  Is Global Talent Acquisition Day really “a thing”?  Indeed it is!  There’s even a hashtag, a Facebook page, a website, and a video on YouTube, so it must be real!

#GlobalTADay was established by ATAP, the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals, to be an annual celebration for recruiting teams (and their fans!) on the first Wednesday after Labor Day. Makes sense, right?  Since recruiters facilitate workers having jobs, from which many Americans get to take a break on that unofficial last Monday of summer.  Perfect timing!

No rest for the weary amongst TA professionals, though.  They’ll be working all day on Wednesday, September 5, but many will be multitasking (as usual) to post a video of their team, tweet out a poetic thought, an amusing Meme, and perhaps cap off the day with Global TA Day Happy Hour.  In fact, you can check this list to see if an event is planned in your city, so you too can raise a glass to this fun, new “made up”, and completely legitimate, niche holiday.

No matter what level you are, or what role you have in your company, it’s likely you’ve been helped by a recruiter or someone on your TA team.  If they made a difference for you, show them some “love” today.  And to my fellow TA Professionals, Happy Talent Acquisition Day!  Celebrate this great profession.  Get involved on social media and in ATAP all year-round.  To find out how, listen to my podcast interview with Founder and Executive Director, Ben Gotkin on SoundCloud or iTunes.  You’ll be glad you did.

Erin McDermott Peterson is a Partner with PeopleResults. Follow her on Twitter @ErinMcPeterson or connect via email at epeterson@people-results.com