When to Hire an Executive Coach

Are you (or is someone you know) in a situation where it’s critical to improve performance, impact or engagement?

More and more organizations and leaders are leveraging coaches as a strategic investment to help executives improve relationships and results.

Here are several relationship-oriented challenges where a skilled executive coach can help dramatically:

  1. Executive presence: be confident and credible as a leader and in managing how you come across.
  2. Navigating organizational politics: handle relational or political challenges with greater effectiveness and influence.
  3. Managing underperformers: have difficult and effective conversations to inspire and empower others to step up their effectiveness – or move to another role that’s a better fit.
  4. Strengthening your relationship with your boss: this relationship is strategic and important – though sometimes difficult – and is crucial for your job effectiveness and career advancement.
  5. Improving collaboration and influencing skills: be proactive and emotionally intelligent in key relationships – especially in tense situations and conflicts.

Executive coaches also provide significant help as leaders tackle the following challenges to improve results:

  1. Starting well in a new role: accelerate time to credibility, productivity and influence when you’ve expanded your responsibilities or taken a new role.
  2. Leading strategically: if you’re fighting fires and running full speed all day without taking time to decide direction, prioritize, learn and make course-corrections, then you’re not leading strategically.
  3. Clarifying career direction: continue to find career win-wins (a win for you and a win for the organization) and make the changes needed to get there.
  4. Managing ambiguity: handle volatility, uncertainty and change instead of letting it handle you.
  5. Accelerating goal achievement: get where you want to go more quickly.

The most effective leaders know that strong relationships and results go together. A good coach helps executives gain clarity, focus, support, objective feedback and accountability to excel at both – relationships and results.

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Joe Baker is a Partner with PeopleResults. As a leadership consultant and executive coach, Joe helps executive leaders and their teams increase effectiveness, impact and engagement. You can reach him at jbaker@people-results.com or on Twitter @JoeBakerJr.