Inspiring Change on a Bathroom Wall


You are Beautiful

I don’t condone graffiti.  But immediately after reading the phrase above staring at me on the on the back of the bathroom stall at Big Star Chicago, I smiled and took this photo. (And then I flushed, of course.)

So much meaning is packed into these 7 words.  The expression affirms and empowers, but also intimidates.  When I re-read it, I can’t help but think about the courageous men and women in Egypt, Libya and throughout the Middle East.  Recently I’ve convinced various people in my life to embrace and learn new software, consider someone else’s perspective, attempt a juice cleanse, open a Twitter account.  But have I really inspired anyone to change? 

One point continually arises when we discuss change leadership with our clients. People are going to keep doing and thinking the same ole same ole unless you can articulate and prove there’s a compelling reason not to.

So maybe asking myself “who have I inspired to change” isn’t the right question … yet.  Maybe the questions I should be asking are “How do I model change?” or “Why change?” or “What support can I provide so that one can change if they choose to?”  One.Step.At.A.Time.

So how do you inspire change?

Marta Steele is a Partner at PeopleResults.  She can be contacted on Twitter @MartaSteele