Meeting the Demand for Virtual Learning

At PeopleResults, we have worked with clients on learning projects consistently since our inception in 2004. However, the demand for virtual learning has risen dramatically in 2020 due to the global pandemic.

One of the strengths PeopleResults offers is that the work we do crosses industries. We go deep in the type of work… in this case learning design, development, and implementation. This enables us to bring a fresh perspective to our clients who may not normally have the opportunity to interact with companies outside of their industry.

Our clients in the commercial real estate firm benefit from our experience working with the transportation company. The oil and gas company we work with benefit from our experience working with the financial services firm, and so on.

These case studies show examples of recent projects where our PeopleResults team has delivered expertise in designing and developing virtual learning experiences to meet our clients’ needs:

  • This one resulted from a merger and the subsequent systems roll out to get everyone on a common set of sales platforms (Case Study)
  • This one focused on leadership development for 9000+ participants (Case Study)

While they had different business drivers, the common denominator is that no one could deliver training in person this year. We helped each one build a virtual solution in an engaging and effective way to meet their business needs.

There will only be more opportunities for virtual training in the future. Kathy Wachtel points out in her blog, Designing for the Modern Learner, that “The key to designing for modern learners is to quickly connect them to the best learning content at their most likely moments of learning need.”

How can we partner with you to do just that?


Betsy Winkler is a Partner at PeopleResults. She can be reached on Twitter @BetsyWinkler1