Now Is The Time To Skill Up – Simplify – Shift

Each of us has changed forever given our experience with COVID-19 and its impact on the world. We have experienced change & chaos at such an extremely rapid & unprecedented pace, that we may not even recognize our pre-pandemic playbook at this point. Change is always hard, but typically we choose to accept & help drive or resist & cling to the status quo – not this time! When push comes to shove, we have to think differently and adapt to what the “new normal” brings – whatever that might be. What we do have is a newly awakened “eyes-wide-open” view of our circumstances and time to reflect.

Tony Robbins likes to say, “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

Now is the time to Skill Up, Simplify & Shift our way of thinking to meet the future head-on.

Seize the Moment & Skill Up 

  • Dive into learning new technologies that will help grow your business
  • Practice your “live broadcast” skills (everyone else is, so the fail rate is low)
  • Study what shifts are happening in your arena and get smart
  • Corral the brainpower of your colleagues/team to predict & act on what’s now – what’s changing – what’s next
  • Explore what skills are required to effectively manage and lead teams remotely (this is not going away)
  • Master the skills in your 2020 development plan to set you up for greater success
  • Learn from or hire a financial expert to help guide your post-pandemic financial decisions
  • Take time to read the books on your nightstand that are still relevant. Who are the futurists you can learn from? Check out Alexandra Levit, Author of Humanity Works: Merging Technologies & People for the Workforce of the Future

Simplify & Prioritize What Is Most Important

  • Re-evaluate all pre-pandemic projects and map out new priorities
  • Simplify communications with an eye toward transparency, clarity & impact – there is no room for corporate speak
  • Re-connect with mentors & old friends to gain perspective from people you may have lost track of
  • Re-assess & listen to your stakeholders & be pro-active in applying post-pandemic influences & value
  • Simplify remote team meetings, find ways to build trust & engagement, rally points, fun, belonging & less isolation
  • Protect your daily routine, one that includes a sense of achievement and self-care
  • De-clutter your “things”

Shift & Support

  • Empathize with people and have grace when making hard decisions
  • Embrace change, innovation, continuous learning, agility, experimentation
  • Strategize for the reality of doing more with less
  • Be the Change Leader who is considerate of the experience of others & helps chart the course
  • Lean on your Emotional Intelligence strengths to navigate yours & others emotions as we pick up the pieces
  • Lead with trust & integrity

How will you take advantage of this time to make a shift in yourself and your future? What will you see & remember in your post-pandemic rearview mirror?