Can You Keep That “Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men” Spirit?

How were your holidays? While there was much scurrying around to prepare, for me it has been a joyous season!

good will 2I really do appreciate the extra effort many people make to demonstrate kindness, generosity and even patience with others. I’m wondering … why we can’t keep it up throughout the year?

You’ve got to admit, things are rough out there. It feels like fear and suspicion of others is everywhere. I recently saw Mandy Patinkin on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show and he has some really important things to say on the topic. If so inclined, please take a watch (his message really begins at about 3 minutes in to this segment).

That got me thinking about the small things each of us can do on a daily basis to show that “good will toward men,” which can ultimately change our own work and home environments.

What if you:

  • started each day asking, “how can I serve others today?”
  • not only listened closely with your ears, but also with eyes to notice if there is something NOT being said. Then took the time to ask a few more questions to uncover the truth.
  • approached a conflict situation, assuming the best of the other person instead of the worst.
  • simply thought more of others than you think of yourself.

One of my favorite sayings is, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

There is much uncertainty in the future; however, as we go into 2016, I think it’s a good practice to put faith in others, show kindness, generosity and patience as a method for creating a more positive space around us.

I’m going to give it a shot and keep that GOOD WILL thing going. Care to join me?

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