Portrait of Perseverance: Lisa Kain on Big Fish in the Talent Pool

Among the tectonic shifts in healthcare, one of the most impactful is the innovation in cardiac monitoring devices, providing data and insights for heart patients never before captured or analyzed. The founders of #iRhythm Technologies, Inc. disrupted this industry in the early 2010s and very quickly faced the escalating competition for biotech talent, prompting them to bring on Lisa Kain to lead their Talent Acquisition efforts. How Lisa met that challenge by drawing on all her previous experience is the subject of Episode 14 of Big Fish in the Talent Pool, The Podcast for Talent Leaders.

According to Lisa, being agile and flexible unlocks growth and resilience, important character traits for these uncertain times. Also, staying connected to your mission, both corporate and personal, believing in your team and challenging them as they fulfill that mission is key.

In this interview, we discuss all that, as well as Lisa’s evolving career in Talent Acquisition. You’ll hear about Lisa’s formative years at Discover Financial Services, her pivot to Executive Recruitment at Hewitt Associates, and her step into entrepreneurship by starting her own search firm before ultimately joining iRhythm in 2015 to build their TA function and oversee 200% growth in 5 years.

Lisa and I also discuss the power of storytelling, outsourcing considerations, career “sequencing”, and the life lessons for young professionals aspiring to leadership. Every obstacle is a creative problem to be solved in Lisa’s world. I’m so grateful for Lisa’s example and personal stories.  Listen in and be inspired to engineer your own perseverance story.

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