Have You Ever Seen a Readiness Survey Haiku?

In my previous post, #1 Way to Make Sure You’re Done with Your Change, I talked about the technique of creating a specific type of survey, a Readiness Survey, as part of an overall change program.

Today, continuing that theme, but in the column of “something different”, a haiku for you …

Creating a Readiness Survey helps you in two ways:

  • It creates clarity on specifically what the end users need to do, or have complete, to be ready for the change.
  • Then by completing it, it tells the program team how close they are to being finished.

Make sure your change program knows what “done” looks like – and can tell everyone else how close you are to it!

Until next time … wishing you business readiness success!

Kirsten Jordan is a Partner at PeopleResults. She can be reached on Twitter @Kirstenkbdb. Sign up to receive her and her colleagues’ blog at Current.