Searchologist with a Heart: Katrina Collier on Big Fish in the Talent Pool

Katrina Collier, a.k.a. “The Searchologist“, is the highly sought after Recruitment facilitator, keynote speaker, author of  The Robot-Proof Recruiter, co-host of The #SocialRecruiting Show, and founder of DisruptHR-UK.  Drawing on her early-career experience as a recruiter, sourcer, and manager, she has helped thousands globally become better TA professionals and grow their careers. Originally from Australia, Katrina now lives in London and brings an energetic, cheeky, and infectious style to the topic of humanizing recruiting and candidate experience.

Even more interesting than her many accomplishments is her drive to do all of it with an eye to philanthropy.  Her primary cause is Hope for Justice, a global NGO which aims to end human trafficking and modern slavery.  Katrina uses every opportunity, including the proceeds from her book, and any “brain-picking” session requested of a talent tech vendor to boost their mission with a contribution.  For Katrina, personal values are intermingled with work, and she encourages all those she touches to approach their vocation and with Heart, inspiring her audience to serve clients (and everyone else!) with passion and authenticity, regardless of role or level, but especially for those who are leaders.

Other topics we discussed include bringing human connectivity back into sourcing and recruitment, bravery and fearlessness in giving feedback, and cultivating self-awareness, curiosity and empathy as a recruiter, and recovering from a career mistake. My favorite quote from our conversation:

Listen and be inspired by Katrina Collier!

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