Leaders – How Do You Show Up?

In Patti Johnson’s soon to be released book, Make Waves: Be the One to Start Change at Work and In Life, Major League Baseball Manager Clint Hurdle, of the Pittsburgh Pirates, said, “I believe that everything starts with your thoughts. Your choices are to (a) not think at all; (b) think negatively; or (c) think positively. I choose thinking positively. We all have that choice.”


I totally agree that your attitude alone can make a statement about you and an immediate impression on others. This impression sticks, positive or negative – it sticks – and becomes part of who you have chosen to be.

The point is, we all choose daily – How We Show Up. I know most of us easily rise to the occasion on the “important things” – but how we show up to “all things – big & small” is the true expression of who we are.

The best way to really self-reflect on How You Show Up is to catch yourself being yourself. Onlookers or strangers notice things about how you show up sometimes before you do:

  • Are you closed or open in your body language?
  • Are you an All In or Just Enough kind of team member?
  • Are you asking for opinions or sharing your expertise?
  • How do you enter a room full of co-workers, respond to change, deal with challenging situations, small inconveniences or opportunities?

All of these things are related not only to attitude but how you choose to expend your energy and attention each day.

Reflect on the day you had today, and how you chose to show up.

This morning at the 6 a.m. conference call – did you greet people pleasantly and share your point-of-view? OR come in late, sit quietly texting, hoping not to be called on?

As a participant in the required Leadership Training, did you take advantage of an opportunity to learn something and build your network? OR whine about the inconvenience and your total lack of interest?

When a young new hire stopped you to introduce himself – did you choose to take a minute to connect? OR brush him off as you rushed to your next appointment?

As a leader, someone is always watching. Every single day, your interactions with others DEFINE you and your ability to make things happen, see and accept opportunities, gain and give respect and ultimately reap the rewards of a satisfying job, thanks to the people around you.

Start your day tomorrow asking, How do I want others to see me? If this is important to you, it will drive How You Choose To Show Up!

We are what we repeatedly do.” – Aristotle

Shelli Walker is a Partner with PeopleResults. Follow her on twitter @ShelliWalker or connect via email at swalker@www.people-results.com.