Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Can Lead to Great Things!

It’s important to challenge ourselves in our careers and personal lives, but it can be intimidating to take that first step out of our comfort zone. In Episode 8 of Big Fish in the Talent Pool, I talk with Sylvette Sawyers about her career transition after 10 years leading Talent Acquisition for Old Navy and then Gap, Inc., into a broader role in the new and rapidly expanding digital real estate company, Opendoor.  Sylvette took that leap, and faced the challenge with energy, self-awareness and plenty of lessons learned.

Are you best at day-to-day operations or do you excel more at long-term strategy? Do you appreciate a steady hand beside you or would you prefer to be untethered? Sylvette encourages us to know ourselves, and to assess our strengths and weaknesses, while not underestimating the value of asking leadership for what you need to be successful.  That’s only one of many great insights she shared during our conversation, and there’s much more where that came from!

No doubt you’ll enjoy getting to know Sylvette as you overhear us sharing experiences as two talent leaders would over coffee.  Listen to us on iTunes or Soundcloud!.  And when you do, please remember to rate and review our content – your feedback makes this podcast better, and it will help other talent professionals find us.

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